Nude World Order


What if there was a New World Order, which was actually Nude World Order ? I think we nudist/naturist folks would be unbelievably pleased. But what would it entail ?

To me, it would have to be that everywhere in the world clothing would be optional. If it gets cold, you might have to put something on not to freeze, but otherwise, the people that want to could be naked everywhere as much as they like.

Now, to completely ban clothing probably would be too much, plus sometimes it is practical to have some. But I stress, technically, you could be nude all the time. It’s a future fantasy, maybe when people realise that modern civilisation has distanced mankind from nature and many of the most important things that really matter. Mother nature is what has been, what is being destroyed these days sadly and what will one day remind us about self sufficiency. Also, nearly everybody chases money while real wealth is in the mind and being healthy. You can be filthy rich, yet if you don’t have your health, you can’t do anything, and all the money you have, you can not take with you into the whatever you believe in after death.

But, let’s talk about this Nude World Order some more, after all that is the title of this post. I’m not sure about the whole political side of things in a nude world, but the wise & most respectful people (Naturists) would have to lead the masses. What about money ? Work ? Education ? And the questions go on. Now, I could try to reason and come up with some ideas, but I’ll let you, the dear reader philosophise about that, it will be fun. How would your imaginary Nude World Order be ? That’s what the comments section is for. And lastly, I would just like to add one thing. This is a fantasy of course, but if the the textiles actually tried nudism/naturism, they would most certainly love it, and this fantasy could actually become a reality of some sorts. One can only wish …

2 Replies to “Nude World Order”

  1. The thought of a clothing optional world is very intriguing for sure. Many obstacles would need to be overcome but we humans are very good at that. Like having to wear fanny packs to carry essential items,keys, money, credit cards, drivers licenses and of course cell phones. Then there is the situation of sitting down. You do need a towel or something for courtesy to others and sanitary reasons. Is this doable ? Sure it is and look at the money saved from buying fewer clothes and less laundry. Also very friendly to the environment.

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  2. Great idea! When do we start? 🙂
    Banning clothing would be indeed not such a good idea, but it would be good to make people think about why clothes exist in the first place: Protection of the body. Protection against the cold and for when you’re chasing a pig through the bushes.
    Your ideas tend to go a bit to the communist side (or maybe just nonconformist): making money less important, review work and education systems and so on. Those are good ideas but I don’t think they are necessary for a nude world order.
    Actually I don’t think that we’re far away from it either. Look what’s happening the last years, a nude park in the center of Paris, a nude restaurant in London, swimming pools having “nude days” in Belgium and the Netherlands,… All it takes is a couple of politicians who have the balls to say “Fuck it, if my people want to be naked, then let them be naked!”

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