Interview with Naked Wanderings

I had the chance to interview some blogger friends of mine, the wonderful people who brought to you http://www.nakedwanderings.comone of the more established nudist blogs. Here’s the interview in it’s entirety, about blogging & naturism. I did the interview to learn more about blogging in general and in my niche, as well as to see their vision about naturism. They are also super nice people and really great to chat with and exchange ideas.


Part 1. Blogging

1. What is it like to run a blog ?

It’s great 🙂

Actually is already our 4th blog, we have been running 3 travel blogs before this one. The first one was during pre-facebook times, a very personal blog mostly to show our friends and family how we were doing “on the road”. The second one was more informative about travel in general and the 3rd one was about travel and photography.

The thing with travel blogs is that there are thousands of those, so you’re always one among many others and it’s very hard to keep putting up the effort if you know that almost nobody is reading your writings.
So we switched to our other passion, naturism, of which there are way less blogs and so we (at least we think) can actually mean something to others.

2. Is it a lot of work ?

It all depends on how much work you want to put into it.
Writing a regular blog post takes about 1 to 1.5 hours. If you create one post per week that means that you could do with an hour a week’s work. But if you want to create more than just an average blog, you’ll have to be prepared to put a lot of effort in it. You’ll have to get in touch with your readers via social media, reply on comments, maybe even create a newsletter once in a while. Then you need to research you subjects, do some fact checking, read other blogs and forums to see what’s keeping the world busy and before you know it, it’s a full time job.

3. Do you enjoy it ?

Yes, very much, because we like to write. Mostly because we think it’s fun, but also because writing down your ideas gives you different insights than just thinking about them. You learn a lot because you’re constantly thinking about your subjects and because of the research that you do.

4. What do you get in return ?

You shouldn’t start with the idea of getting something back, because it might disappoint you.

That said, you get a lot in return! You gain new insights on subjects that you’re already interested in, you get to know people and their ideas about what you write about (in our case that’s naturism).

And, maybe that’s a bit narcissistic, but it feels good to see that people enjoy what you write and keep coming back.

Part 2. Naturism

1. Why are you naturists ?

Well, we actually became naturists by accident. We wanted to go to a sauna, found out at all the good ones were clothes prohibited and then decided to give it a shot. Because we liked it so much we kept going back to saunas and tried new things like naturist campgrounds and nude beaches. And just like that we were naturists.

It’s hard to say which aspect of naturism we like the most though. The feeling of equality is great, so is the feeling of being connected to each other because you’re all doing something “not standard”. There’s no hustle with clothes, just your towel. You don’t have to think about how you look or whether your butt looks fat in those pants because you literally can’t do anything about how you look anyway. That gives you a huge feeling of freedom.

And also we rediscovered the feeling of being close to nature. We don’t mean this in any hippie kind of way, but how long has it been since your naked body has touched grass? Once you try that again you’ll remember the feeling from when you were 2-3 years old.

2. What is naturism like in your country ?

Western Europe is probably the best place in the world to be a naturist, both seen from a law point of view as from social acceptance. We Belgians are generally kind of prude, but we also mind our own business. So not that many people here are into naturism and many of those who are will not tell anybody. But those who don’t will leave you alone. They will let you do whatever you want as long as they don’t have to look at your naked body and they are not forced to show more than they want to.

We don’t have a lot of opportunities to be socially nude in Belgium, one nude beach, a hand full of naturist campgrounds and about 10 saunas (spas) or so. But Belgium is a very small country so every Belgian can get to any of those locations within maximum a couple of hours drive.

Another advantage is that we are very close to France, Germany and the Netherlands where naturism is much bigger.

3. What’s the best thing about naturism ?

We mentioned a couple of reasons in the part where we explain why we are naturists, but maybe the best thing is that naturists in general are really nice and interesting people. We have never met a naturist who was not friendly, polite or educated.
You can have great conversations with naturists, they are often very open and helpful.
An example for this we like to use is a campground with a textile part and a naturist part. On the textile part you find screaming children, screaming husbands and screaming televisions where the naturist part will be an oasis of rest and peace.

4. What is worst thing about it ?

The worst thing is probably the misunderstandings of non-naturists. It can be annoying to keep explaining that naturist sites are not a bunch of orgies where people have different and multiple partners every moment of the day.

And somehow we can imagine why people have those ideas because we had them in the past as well. When media tells you that nudity equals sex it’s normal to think that in a place where everyone is nude, everyone is having sex. But once you tried naturism, you see how silly that idea actually is and you start to get annoyed by others who think that way. therefore we often don’t bother to mention that we are naturists.

Part 3. Last thoughts

1. Lastly, is there anything you want to add, like some advice or thank you-s ?

To the other naturists we would like to say thank you for accepting us into your world and for showing us that there’s something else than the clothed world.
To the non-naturists we would like to say that before you create an opinion about something you should try it first. It’s better to try something and not like it than to never try it at all and just build your opinion on what others (who probably also never tried it themselves) are telling you.

To the readers of our blog we would like to say thank you for your dedication and for coming back every time we have a new post. It feels good to be appreciated!
And finally, to you we would like to say thank you for the opportunity of this interview, we hope that we have some added value.

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