Introducing the M.P.I.O.

I love to help people, always have, always will. It is a great feeling to know you have done something for someone other than yourself and it breeds positivity. Whenever I have a chance to do so, I do it. So (I’m hoping) I have a great idea, to help a lot of men out there who feel self conscious about their penis size.


The idea probably came about from my own past personal struggles, when I felt insecurities about the thought that I had a smaller penis that many other men. Now, that was a long time ago, as those troubling thoughts were fully healed by the wonderful body acceptance that Nudism/Naturism teaches, amongst others. I realised and accepted that we are all a bit different when it comes to sizes, and that all sizes are just right and we’re all beautiful the way we are. The fact that I’m in the “about or less than average to smaller sized” category when it comes to penis size didn’t bother me anymore, I fully accepted my body the way it was, and found more to love about it. But let’s get back to the topic at hand, sorry I got sidetracked just a bit, but I felt like I needed to explain.

So the cause materialised,  I wanted to help other men overcome their insecurities about penis size the way I did. How can I improve their self esteem though, I wondered. Well, if they saw more average and smaller sized men, and I also cleared up misconceptions for them and so on, then maybe they wouldn’t feel that insecure about their own penises. So basically, I would have to share photos of regular and smaller endowed men along with positive and encouraging thoughts and information, I figured. One of the best ways to do that is on a non-censored social media network, and that’s where Twitter comes into play.

So the first step was to create an account, and find an appropriate handle to promote this matter. As you may have noticed, there’s a zillion twitter accounts already, so it can be quite challenging to find a good username that hasn’t been already taken (for example, my own artist name Tha Naked I was taken already when I registered on the site, by some inactive person as luck would have it, hence why my regular twitter handle is @ThaNvkedI). Luckily, @MyPenisIsOk was still available, so the My Penis Is Ok account (or M.P.I.O.) was born.

My vision is to tweet a bunch of photos of men who are less hung, as well as spread positive and encouraging messages too in the status updates. It will of course borrow some of the great ideals that nudism/naturism has thought me along with body acceptance, body positivity and more, you’ll see the rest in the tweets. Today is day one of this new venture, I really hope I’m not getting myself into too many things at the same time, considering all the other stuff I already do. But like I said, helping people is one of my passions and I will gladly do it.

So make sure you check out & follow and spread the message ! Hopefully, slowly the tweets will find their way to those who really need to see them. A special thanks goes out to my good friend Björ for helping me get started & ideas.

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