Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism


This is one of the most important things to me and many other nudists/naturists, to help our way of life ascend to greater heights. In this post you can read my thoughts and suggestions about how we could do that. Note : I didn’t want to keep writing both terms (Nudism & Naturism) so just know I mean both when you read Nudism.

Main thought – Make as many places and activities clothing optional as possible in general !

Go to work naked day – This one is pretty self explanatory. With all the special work days that exist already, why not have one when you go naked. Or at least make it a clothing optional day ! I know, it’s pretty much a pipe dream, but one can certainly wish !

Plead for celebrities to promote Nudism – This one is not hard to wrap your brain around either. People worship celebrities, and really listen & follow what they have to say. So if more celebrities (I know a few have done in the past) vouched for Nudism, it would definitely help a great deal. Here’s hoping that they do !

Create more nudist places of all kind – This one, I think, is in motion already, with the nudist park opening in Paris for example. Simply increase the number of all nudist beaches, clubs, resorts, campings and so on. The more, the merrier.

Use the Internet more – The Internet has pretty much taken over our lives, most people can’t imagine living without it. So we need to use it more to promote and further our cause. There should be more websites, blogs etc. dedicated to nudism. One thing we could really use is a true, well functioning and appealing social network for not only nudists but people who are interested about Nudism.

Make all beaches clothing optional – This might not be as difficult to achieve as you might think. First of all nude/clothing optional beaches are by far the most popular & also the greatest in number, when talking about nudist places. It’s also the easiest to explain/understand why you’d wanna be clothes free, (the great weather & the heat, you take showers/baths nude, so why couldn’t you swim nude, it’s way more fun) that is to the common textiles. And by making them clothing optional, you don’t force anything onto people.

Those are my ideas for now, I will add more in the comments if I think of any good ones. You should also do the same, as I love comments & great thoughts. Cheers !

13 Replies to “Furthering the cause of Nudism/Naturism”

  1. I like all of these ideas. Nudism is so far superior a way of life to a covered-up, clothed way of life that we nudists need to have more opportunities to be nude not just in private but also in public. And the best way to do that is to introduce more people to nudism, so they will learn for themselves how great it is. In puritanical countries like the US, greater acceptance probably must come with more progressive laws and regulations. Making all beaches clothing optional, for example, will be easier is some parts of American than it will be in others.

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      1. Thanks for the compliment – having been a nudist — and, let’s also use the term — naturist all my adult life, I feel strongly about the benefits of living nude!


  2. Great ideas. What happened to the days when guys undressed in the locker room and they didn’t go into their own private dressing stall with curtains. This is so rediculess.


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