Brief thoughts on nudity in art


I wanted to touch on nude art this time, as it is a very dear thing to me, and many others. Below I will write a bit about it’s history, my art, and my thoughts surrounding the whole subject.

Nudity in art has been around for a long time. In fact, it’s one of the few things that has had nudity constantly, dating back to Ancient Greece until present time. Throughout history, there were periods when it took a backseat, like the Middle Ages, when it was very rare, but even then, it never stopped being there, if only just in the background (of course with the Renaissance it returned gloriously).

It has of course evolved in many ways and it has many forms today : drawings, paintings, sculptures, photography and new media like performance art. If you want to read more about nudity in art, just go to

As you all know, I create art that has nudity 99,9 % of the time, both in my digital art and performance art. I wanted to give my perspective of why I do what I do. In my opinion, the naked human body is magnificent, and is by itself already art. So to have it as a subject in art just increases the beauty of it and also makes art more fascinating. Both male and female bodies are very easy on the eyes, and to have it in art just increases it’s alluring factor. So artistic nudity, in any form, gets an A+ in my book.

This is probably the main reason why I chose nudity as a subject matter for my art. Since I do everything myself (shooting photos, modeling, editing them and also starring in my performance art), my art depicts the nude male form. I thoroughly enjoy the whole creative process, and I’m proud about what I finish with. A lot of people like the nude female form more, but some appreciate both gender’s artistic nudity equally, so my art is seen, enjoyed and appreciated just as well.

Finally, another interesting thing is that in art, nudity is broadly accepted, unlike say, being nude in public. So it’s one thing we nudists/naturists can really appreciate & enjoy. It sort of, contributes to furthering our cause actually.

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