My first time as an art model

This post is going to be about my first time posing for a life drawing class. Before we begin, I must say it was really fun and I recommend it to everyone !

I remember it like it was yesterday, wait, it was yesterday. I arrived in the building about 20 minutes early  and the organiser/instructor was a bit late. As I waited, several thoughts were running through my mind. How many people will be drawing ? What ages ? How will I do with poses ? What will I do once standing still in a pose to pass time ? Everyone of those questions got answered.

The organiser/instructor guy arrived 10 minutes late, so we went to the room where it was going to take place immediately. About 5 people were already waiting in front of the door, mixed ages, both men and women. Once we went in the room, more people started arriving. The number ended up being about a dozen, with the youngest around 20 and the oldest around 55 in about even numbers, so let’s say 6 men, 6 women. The time came to change (in the bathroom) into my night robe, which I of course took off once I was back in the room and the class started.

The first set of poses were 1 minute long. And after doing about what seemed like 20 or so different poses (standing, sitting, laying down, holding a stick in all kinds of ways), there was a short break, then came the 2 minute poses. A longer break ensued when I socialised a bit with the people that drew me. Then came the 3 minute poses followed by a short break and finally 5 minute poses and some last 2 and 3 minute poses and then the two and a half hours was up. In the breaks I slipped back into the night robe, as it is done usually.

The poses were mostly “freestyled” and came naturally, not one time did I stall because I didn’t know what pose to make, I always found another one. The only negative thing was that in certain poses my body got tired and stated shaking just a little bit. And to pass the time while I was still, I ended up rapping in my head or getting lost in my thoughts or thinking of what pose to do next. It kind of felt like time just flew.

After the class was over I went around and took about 25 pics with my phone of the drawings. I picked out 7 that I’m including in this post. One younger woman chose not to show me any of her sketches. I saw another young woman drew just a close up of my penis on one of her works (LOL) and she got embarrassed a bit when I saw it, and she did not let me take a photo of it. Otherwise I noticed that the organiser/instructor guy drew the best ones. To cap off the evening, he told me he thought I did great and that he saw that I worked hard. He also said that they’d love to have me again in about a month. Well, I must say I really enjoyed the experience so I will definitely go back.

And finally, the question many wonder, is if I got “excited” at any point during posing. Well, the answer is I didn’t whatsoever, I just relaxed. I did take a friend’s advice though, I didn’t look for eye contact with the artists. Lastly, here are the drawings I picked out :

8 Replies to “My first time as an art model”

  1. I was a nude model for life drawing classes during college, to earn extra money (college students are always poor), and enjoyed the experience, mostly because I was already spending as much time as I could nude, so the idea of posing nude in front of life drawing classes never phased me. Even after I started my adult career and my adult life, my personal comfort with myself nude led me to pose for life drawing classes, then not so much for the money as for the comfort I felt doing it. The only drawback was when some of the professors wanted me to pose in odd contortions for several minutes at a time. I work out, but hardly have the limber body of a yoga expert.

    I, too, encourage, everyone to pose nude for life drawing students – it is interesting, pleasant and even fun, whether you need the modest compensation you will get or not.

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