A friend’s story about nudism in his life


Today I have a guest blogger, David K,  write about how he became a nudist & nudism throughout his life. It’s a nice read so I hope you guys enjoy !

Given the wide range of readers of this blog, I should say by way of introduction that I am an American lawyer, living on the East Coast of the US, and have been a nudist and naturist almost my whole life — through high school, college, law school, a successful professional career, a long and happy marriage, and raising children.

I was an only child, and both of my parents worked outside the home. Early on, I felt uncomfortable wearing clothes, and by the time I was a teenager, home alone afternoons after school and home all day during summers, I simply didn’t wear anything. I felt then, and have felt all of my life, that clothes are extremely uncomfortable and very restricting — and that being nude gives me a sense of freedom and of comfort and helps make me feel proud of my body. I enjoyed being nude as a teenager (just as I enjoy living in the nude today). Back in my teen years, I was nude inside my parents’ home (whenever they were away) and when there were no prying neighbours, I was nude out-of-doors in my parents’ large back yard.

As a teen, whatever passed for “spin the bottle” among my closest friends was played in the nude. We played strip poker and naked Twister. By the time I went to college (one of those big mega-universities whose football and basketball games are always on US national television), I was committed to spending as much time nude as possible. There were no parents around to discourage me, only young men and women my age, many of whom, I hoped, felt the same way about clothes that I did.

Fortunately, I met a girl my first weekend on campus who was as uncomfortable wearing clothes as I was. I started sleeping in the nude my first weekend in college and have never gotten dressed to go to bed ever since.

(Actually, the whole concept of putting on clothes to go to bed has always struck me as bizarre. I have no interest in wearing clothes in bed whether I am on top of the bed reading or watching television, or between the covers sound asleep. And, speaking of sleep, I never suffer from insomnia or any other sleep difficulties that I am sure are often caused by people trying to relax while straight-jacketed inside pajamas.)

Back to that first girl friend – not only was she as much a budding nudist as I was, but on the other side of her dorm was a group of female and male college students (freshmen, sophomores and juniors) whose corridor was clothing-optional (not an official university policy, but no one bothered them). I joined their group, spent a lot of my time with my fellow student-nudists and met a lot of friends that way.

At my college, there was also a hillside, not far from the dorms, where, during spring and summer, students were not only permitted but encouraged to take in the sun’s rays in the nude. I don’t know how common that is on college campuses, but I was happy to have that hillside when I was there as a student.

Once I moved to the “big city” to begin my adult career, I looked for nudists and naturists to get to know. It was easier than I thought that it would be. I started getting invited to homes of new friends, who held nude social gatherings, often parents bringing their children (which underscores the non-sexual nature of real nudism and naturism), and found beaches, public and private, where I could enjoy myself nude.

(Just as I find the idea of spending time in a bed, awake or asleep, in clothing as bizarre — I also find the idea of being at the beach, or at a pool for that matter, wearing anything, like a swimsuit, as equally odd. I have been to places in Europe where tourists who show up in swimsuits are given odd looks, since nude swimming and nude sunbathing is what is normal in such places)

After living in the big city for awhile, and after completing my law degree, I met the woman who would become my wife. While not a nudist from her youth and not terribly interested at first, it didn’t take more than a few weeks before we would spend all of our time at either her apartment or my apartment in the nude, and we soon began going to the beach without anything on, including public beaches – that is beaches technically under the control of a city or a state but sufficiently isolated that our nudity was never an issue. (Not all public beaches are crowded with families where nudity would be unusual – there are plenty,, at least along the eastern seaboard in the US, where nudity is perfectly acceptable.)

Both my wife and I have had offices in our home for years (she’s on one floor with her computer and phone and I am on another) and we dislike going to our respective offices in the central business district. Of course, this allows us to avoid any dreaded commute by car, or subway, but it also has the obvious advantage of allowing us to spend our days, as well as our nights, in the nude. Most days, the only time we have clothing on is when we are at the gym (something we do for about two and a half hours every morning), and that is because we haven’t found a well-equipped clothing-optional gym in our community.

Speaking of gyms and working out, I must add that for my wife and me, being nude almost round the clock has led us to not just be happier with our bodies and more comfortable with our bodies, but also more interested in being physically fit. Not every nudist feels that way, I know, but for my wife an me, being nudists means being happier, more comfortable with our bodies, at complete ease in the nude in front of others, AND also committed to looking as good as possible.

I am convinced that living nude (and I can speak for my wife and for the nudists and naturist friends I have met over the years) has made my life more meaningful and more comfortable and much, much happier. Living nude has done wonders for my physical health and for my mental health — of that I have no doubt. The prevailing idea in our society, that clothes are somehow a good thing, has never struck me as particularly sensible.

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