My second time as an art model

After the success of the first post about my experience as an art model, I decided to document my second time doing it as well. This one will mainly focus on the differences between the two as well as why I enjoy being a model and also what the future might hold.

This time, I was actually called in as a late replacement for a model that got sick, apparently I did really good last time, because they recommended me to this other life drawing class. It was at a university this time, with only younger people, about 10 of them, 3 guys and the rest girls. I must say that this second time seemed to go even better and smoother.

The class was a half an hour longer, so I was basically doing different poses for 3 hours, with shorter breaks in between. There were actually even 10 minute poses this time around, but they were easier to do then I imagined. The posing went once again naturally, I didn’t get stuck on what pose to do next at all, not a single time. And this time, I already knew to make sure to get into comfortable poses, so my body nearly didn’t shake at all, so the process felt even better than last time. Also, a thing I didn’t mention last time, after I was done posing, both my first time and this time, I got a nice applause, which felt nice.

Now having done life drawing modelling for multiple times, I wanted to share with you why I enjoy doing it so much. Well, first and foremost, I get to be nude somewhere other than home, during these cold times, when it’s not really possible to be nude outside. I love being clothes free so I take every chance I get to be naked. Then there’s the aspect of the whole thing that’s it’s for an artistic cause, and it’s just flattering seeing all the artists draw you, and then you get to see the results, you as a subject of art. Also, in a small way it makes nudity more accepted, even if only from an artistic standpoint. Finally, it’s a celebration of the beautiful human body, which gets way too little credit, in my opinion. That about sums it up. Have you been a life model ? Let me know why you enjoy it and what your thoughts are on the subject in the comments section below. I will once again include a few sketches that I managed to take pictures of.

What’s next for me ? Well, many more modelling gigs for life drawing, I hope. I’d also love to model for a photoshoot (other than my own works). When you model for photos, you only have to be in a certain pose for a few seconds, so you can play around and do a lot more difficult ones. Also there’s the whole editing process which I think is really fun. Finally, being a body painting model (if that’s what it’s called) would probably be a really awesome thing to do, and afterwards seeing the result would be fascinating. We’ll see what the future holds for me, but I already figured out that modelling, in the nude, is something I really enjoy.


2 Replies to “My second time as an art model”

  1. Great post! Yes, I have been a nude model for life drawing classes – back in college for art students and then I continued off and on as an adult. Like you, the first reason I did it was for the opportunity to be nude (and in a public place). But to be in an art-related setting was also cool. Pleas post again to let us know about the.painting and the photo shoots!


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