My poem about nudism


I wrote a poem, Hip-Hop style, that talks about nudism/naturism and thoughts around it. When I say Hip-Hop style, I mean it started out as writing lyrics for a rap song (or spoken word, for that matter). Anyway, I decided to make it into a modern poem instead. When you read it, think about the rhyme scheme, and you will understand why I say it’s Hip-Hop style. Here’s the fun part, I want you guys to give it a title, in the comments section. Can’t wait to see your ideas, so surprise me.

Why is nudity shameful, talking to the people
Hear me out now, listen, if we are all equal
We love being nude, and it’s not at all lewd
Why can’t you accept it, y’all got it misconstrued

Cause it’s not about sex, it’s definitely not porn
We just wanna be naked, like the way we’re born
It’s only natural, naturism is what it’s called
So listen to what I say, like someone just called

Like someone important, then you gotta pick it up
We’re fighting for our cause, and we’ll never give it up
Nudism is here to stay, you’ll find that out either way
Shining through the dark ignorance, like we were the day

Understand our lifestyle, it’s never ever hostile
It’s about many things, let me state them now
Body acceptance, freedom and feeling good
If you tried, you’d understand, I mean it, you really should

Nothing matches the freedom, of being clothes free
It just feels so right, like a the way it’s supposed to be
I must say, I have been wishing on a star
For a nude world order, for that to take charge !

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