My nude twitter recommendations


I have many nudist/naturist friends on twitter, but I wanted to point out a select few for you guys, 5 people who you should absolutely follow. There are many good people on twitter, and I’m probably forgetting some, but I also tried to narrow it down the the 5 most important and interesting nudies. If you’re active on twitter, please give your own recommendations in the comments section. So, here are my nude twitter recommendations :

The guru of nude twitter – @ibansaram – This guy is like a guru for nudists/naturists, he knows so much about our lifestyle. He does many great things like the naturist calendar for example. He is also very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. If you ever want to know something you’re not sure about, he is the person to ask.

The wise person of nude twitter – @ronk_1948 – He is a passionate author and advocate of nudism/naturism, and his twitter feed is full of pictures that promote it. Like the other people, he also is very kind and friendly.

The best blog of nude twitter – @nakedwanderings – Their blog ( is probably the most insightful, informative, enjoyable, interesting, active, variated and content rich blog of all the nudist/naturist blogs. On top of it all they are super friendly, nice and helpful people.

The queen of nude twitter – @sassycoupleok – Like her handle says, she is quite sassy but also very friendly, kind and honest. The bottom line with her is that she knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell us.

The funniest person of nude twitter – @nudecroaker – Known for his #NudeMorningSmile series, this guy is almost always making me and others laugh with his witty tweets and funny photos. Follow him for guaranteed hilarious moments. An amateur comedian who’s better than the pros.

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