Naturist Poetry


I decided to try my hand and writing some poems about the joy of being naked. Each poem rhymes and the first letter of every line spells out the title of the respective poem. I hope you guys like them, let me know what you thought of my poetry !


Not wearing clothes is the best feeling
After all, it’s the natural state of being
Knowing this is such a blessing
Everybody should try undressing
Discovering naturism will change you life


Now I want to tell you something important
Upon learning this, you will be blessed with enjoyment
Don’t hesitate to indulge into this lifestyle
Independence from clothes, getting rid of the textile
Satisfaction is felt like never before
Maximum comfort, you will never want garments anymore


Bathing suits are not really necessary
Enjoy swimming naked, this habit won’t be temporary
Again and again, you will want to go skinny dipping
Correspondingly advising your friends to be stripping
Helping them learn the joy of diving in the water bare


Here’s something that you should really do
In case you go walking, you only need to
Keep your shoes on, the rest can come off
It will feel so right, to take your clothes off
Nature is where being naked is the best
Go and try it, you will truly feel blessed


Nobody should wear clothes when you can be nude
At the lake, in the woods, you will surely conclude
That it feels so good to be bare, you’ll be truly free
Urging you to try this, you will definitely thank me
Recognising it, that naked is what feels right
Each and every day, each and every night

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