Interview with Arktos Photography

Today I bring you an interview with a photographer friend of mine from The Netherlands. He works with male nude art photography, so it goes right along with the spirit of this blog. Below the interview you will find some of his photos. His twitter handle is @arktos_photo and you can find more of his work on his website : !

1. Tell us a little about you, whatever you think is worth mentioning.

I am a 49 year old, gay man from The Netherlands. Married to a lovely man (partners for over 26 years now) and we own a nice house and everything else one could desire. I do male nude art photography as a hobby.

I am a professional classical musician that works internationally, and therefore travels the globe quite a bit, that I enjoy very much ! I try to shoot men wherever I travel (not always successfully though).

2. How long have you been active in photography ? Tell us how you got into it.

I have always been interested in photography, but I never had the luxury of a real good camera. I started to become more interested in male photography when a couple of years ago I stayed with a friend in Florence that runs a B&B and who told me that he liked to photograph his male guests in the nude if they agreed.

He showed me some spectacular examples. It highly fascinated me and it slowly grew in my mind to do the same. A little more than two years ago I bought a decent camera and I started to approach friends at first. To my surprise several agreed to pose naked for me and the ball started to roll.

3. You work with male nudes. What aspect of that do you like the most and least ?

The aspect I like the most is the fact that men feel completely confident to reveal all of themselves in front of my camera. I still regard it as a big honor that I am apparently capable of making them feel comfortable in their most natural state.

What I dislike is the fact that many men find it exciting to fantasize about it, and talk to me over social media, but are clearly not intending to actually pose. When I get the question “Are you also naked during the shoot ?”, I usually know enough. I have been warned for this though. Also for non-showups, that I have experienced only twice.

4. What work/works are you most proud of and why ?

With every new shoot that I do I always find a couple of photos that I regard the best I have shot so far. I am slowly finding my own ‘language’ and image style, and given the reactions people seem to like it. I am sharing the photos that I am most proud of because I think they represent my recent style most.

5. What advice would you give to a newbie photographer who wants to work with nude art photography ?

In the first place get as much inspiration as you can from the endless sources of the internet. Try to determine what you like most, which style appeals to you. Then : practice, practice, practice. Make sure you know how to use your camera, so your model doesn’t have to stand there naked and waiting while you try to figure out why you don’t get the photos that you want.
Having said that, ask a friend if he’d be willing to help you experiment. Be clear that you expect him to be nude, so it doesn’t come as a surprise. You’d be surprised to find out how many friends will actually be willing to help you experiment. Also, it would give you a whole different perspective if you’d pose naked yourself for a photographer. It is good to know how your models feel. Finally : make sure the room is warm !

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