Why become a nudie


This post will be about giving advice to people who are interested in nudism/naturism, but haven’t really dived into it yet. I hope this article will give them that final nudge and they will try life clothes free. If you are a person like that, go head and read this post to find out all the great things this lifestyle brings, I will try to sum it up in a short manner.

To start things off, I’m assuming that you did some research already about nudism/naturism, so you already know a little about it, and that also got you interested in maybe giving it a try. Well dear reader, you definitely should. There are so many benefits and great things to this lifestyle, so many positives. I will share with you as many as I can, from my point of view, having been a nudist/naturist for about four years soon.

Even though most places are not clothing optional, there are some that are, beaches come to mind here, as well as resorts and special events (of course, in the privacy of your own home you can always be nude). These places are the haven for us, because in these places we can truly be ourselves. Being naked is very comfortable, feels so good and natural, it gives you a true sense of freedom and it is healthy even. That’s just the starters.

Being clothes free in a social setting greatly contributes to a positive body image, body acceptance ; feeling great in your own skin. It breaks down barriers and differences, as we are all just our plain selves, the way it should be. You will also find that nudists/naturists are some of the most friendly people. Finally, you will discover so many things that are more fun when done bare. One thing is really important to know however, and that is that nudism/naturism is about non-sexual nudity, always keep that in mind.

Some people are a bit scared and nervous when it comes to their first time to shed their clothes in public, they think it will be weird, but let me assure you, all that will go away in about 15-20 minutes once you free yourself from the restraint of clothes. Everybody else will be nude just like you, and you will feel right at home in no time. Once you get a taste of it, you will wish you could be naked all the time.

If you’re still sceptical about trying nudism/naturism, then let me point out one thing. You have nothing to lose (except your clothes). Giving it a go will probably change your life in a very positive way, as it did for all of us. So what are you waiting for ?


15 Replies to “Why become a nudie”

  1. Living nude is just better than living clothed. It took only a few moments back when I was a teenager to realize that, and being nude with friends and in public places, like the beach, have always been occasions to be happy – and it only took me a few minutes the first time I was nude in a social setting to realize that.

    Sleeping in the nude is better for your physical and mental health and emotional well-being than sleeping clothed. By living nude as much as possible, I am happier in my own skin, and more comfortable about my body and my day-to-day life, than if I were to live life clothed.

    People should just take off their clothes and find out how great a nude lifestyle really is!

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