It’s a naturist’s account … not a naturist account.


I give you another guest blog post today, written by none other than the guru of nude twitter, Björ (@IbanSaram) himself. The article is about what it’s like having an account as a naturist on social media. It’s a very insightful post so I hope you will like it. Here it goes !

For those who don’t immediately recognise the twitter name in the by-line, allow me to introduce myself quickly by saying that, among the other things I do in my real life as an employed adult male, I tweet stuff : thoughts of the day, weekly men’s health reminders, captioned naturist posts, humorous things I happen across on the net, and the occasional political comment.

I believe I can safely say that my followers, most of whom are male naturists like myself, initially follow my twitter account for the naturist posts and semi-regular challenges, retweet and donate to the testicular cancer informational tweets, and tolerate – or appear to tolerate – my political views.

The feedback I receive both in open, public tweets and in direct messages is overwhelmingly positive. Someone is either touched or inspired by a particular quote, mention that they too survived testicular cancer or know someone who has, or they want me to know they got a kick out of something I’d said or done.

It’s not always like that though.

Rather than just merely unfollowing or blocking my account, there are some followers, however, who feel the need to vent their discontent with my content. Admittedly, a vast majority of them state their grievances diplomatically and once they’ve got their thoughts off their chest, things can go on more or less as before ; others, however, blow off steam, ignore my replies, and eventually move on to different cyber-pastures.

What is the number one “complaint” I receive ? Paraphrasing, it usually goes something like this: “Why can’t you just post pics of nude people and shut up ?” In a nutshell, my reply usually reads a bit like this: “Because this is a naturist’s account, not a naturist account.”

Unlike other people who, for one reason or another, divorce their naturist lives from their “real” or “public” lives – and a number of them in countries with oppressive regimes or with judgemental bosses and colleagues have good reason to do so, I put all of what I am into one account. I don’t have the time or the inclination to run three or more parallel twitter accounts to cover all my bases.

I am a whole human being – not just a naturist, not just a Green-leaning thinker, an EU-minded 50-something, or a chubby cancer survivor – and I have the good fortune of living in a free country that allows free expression. I take full advantage of those things and my account will reflect that. I believe it can go unsaid that I doubt I’ll change my attitude anytime soon either.

If you only want to deal with one facet of who I am, just the naturist or just the Remainer, you might be better off following someone who retweets or reposts those particular things from my timeline. Go ! Fly ! Be free ! I’ll not hold it against you.

If, however, you want to know me, nearly all of me, and what I stand for, you’re welcome, my brother or sister, to stay and take part. Continue to follow this naturist’s account and we’ll grow and evolve together.

10 Replies to “It’s a naturist’s account … not a naturist account.”

  1. I know Björ very well, I can honestly say he’s one of the most genuine people I’ve met on Twitter. Sometimes we haven’t agreed but I always respect his opinion. I also use my twitter account to tweet on a myriad of subjects, we’re not just naturists, we have other interests and in these dark political times, it’s even more important to keep a light burning for honest, open, democratic debate. Good for you Björ and keep up the good work. All the best, Martin B.

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