My Penis Is Ok part 2

Today I thought I’d follow up my post from last year in November, when I introduced @MyPenisIsOk (M.P.I.O.). The account is nearly 7 months old today, and has been a success. I will first talk about these first 7 months then I got an interview coming up with a couple volunteers who follow the account, about having a small penis. Let’s get to it !



Report – @MyPenisIsOk

Let’s get to the facts first. The account was started on the 2nd of November, 2016, today is the 29th of May, 2017, so we can say that the M.P.I.O. account is nearly 7 months old. As I’m writing this article, it has 2957 followers, which is quite nice I think. They are very active as well. Here’s a poll I did recently to see @MyPenisIsOk’s demographics (let’s call it that) :

Why do you follow @MyPenisIsOk ?

— My Penis Is Ok (@MyPenisIsOk) May 27, 2017

As you can see, 44 % likes the photos I share there, which is ok, but sadly some might follow for the wrong reasons, which I don’t have to name. However 25% + 22% follow the account because they can relate and/or it encourages them, so basically 47% of the followers I’m helping like I planned I would. The remaining 9% said they follow for fun, so whatever about that, it’s not much. So we can say that I’m helpin roughly 1,500 people deal with their issue of feeling inadequate downstairs, and for that I’m very happy, my goal was to help people and I’m doing just that.


Now, let’s look further. The account has shared 601 photos, so that’s about 85 pics a month, so in-between 2-3 pictures a day on average. I should try to do more probably, but already these 2-3 photographs have helped nearly 1,500 men feel better, accept and learn to love their penis, which is quite an achievement in my opinion and I feel great about it.

Looking ahead to the future, I think and hope the account will keep growing faster and faster and help even more people. If I had to guess, I’d say when and if the account turns 1 year old, it will have about 7 to 10 thousand followers by then. We’ll find out.


The interviews

And now, here are the interviews I conducted with two very kind and willing gentleman, B.A. & N.M. ! I hope it gives some insight.


1. When did you realise that you had a modest endowment aka little penis ?

2. When did you start accepting and loving your penis ?

3. How have others reacted to your penis when they saw it for the first time ?

4. Do you envy people with bigger penises ?

5. Name some positive things about having a small penis.



1. In 7th or 8th grade.

2. When I was around 20, and taking pre-med classes.

3. Women have never made a negative comment. They are always surprised by the difference in size between flaccid and erect states.

4. No. I had an affair with an older woman when I was 22 or 23. She taught me how to satisfy women.

5. When all is said and done, the size of the penis makes little difference. The most sensitive part of a women’s vagina is the first inch or so. The size of my penis is just a fact of life. I learned how delay ejaculating, and how to use my penis to stimulate the sensitive areas of a woman. The size of my penis led me to understand touching, caressing, and being sure that I always help my partner achieve an orgasm.



1. The first time I realised I was smaller than normal, was when I was about 7 or 8 and I was in the changing room at the local swimming pool and saw other men and boys naked for the first time.

2. I think I always accepted the size of my penis, in that I’ve always been a realist and knew that there wasn’t any way to change what I was born with, but I didn’t really love my size until my late 30’s.
3. No one has ever reacted negatively to my penis size. Even other boys in the locker room didn’t tease me about it, surprisingly. And the women I’ve been with have all been satisfied with my size.
4. Yes, I’m still envious of other men who have larger penises. Although only in terms of flaccid size. I’m average sized when erect, so I’ve no complaints there, but when I’m not hard it can get really small and it’s still a source of embarrassment sometimes. I’m a bit envious of men who are long when they’re flaccid.

5. The biggest positive I can think of is that my partners have always said I’m the perfect size for intercourse, which is a plus. Another positive I suppose it’s that it’s easier to tuck into clothing, although I’ve found that being small can create pinching which is sometimes just as bad.


So, don’t forget to follow @MyPenisIsOk on twitter if you haven’t already :

6 Replies to “My Penis Is Ok part 2”

  1. Hi there, nice blogpost. I realized that I was not that well endowed in high school. At that time I was ashamed of it. Nowadays I am proud of my penis and shame has gone. Actually I found out that I am quite an average guy.

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