3 things surrounding Nudism


I was a little blank on ideas, so I decided, why not write about what this blog is about ? Simple, right ? Well, here are some stuff surrounding Nudism, comments are very welcome !

Nudism & me

I started getting into nudism (mostly by being naked at home sometimes and gaining more and more interest in it) a long time ago, but didn’t truly become a real nudist until about 3 years ago. That’s when I fully embraced it and started doing as many things as possible naked.

I was nude at home most of the time, I went on nude hikes, I visited the the nudist camping/beach that was nearest to where I live, and basically did everything, that I could, in the nude. One of things that really got me into nudism was body acceptance. Another was the great feeling and the freedom I felt when I was clothes free. Finally being closer to nature just felt right.

All in all, becoming a nudist was one of the best choices I ever made.

My first time

I wanted to tell you guys about the first time I was at a nudist place. It was the camping/beach that is the nearest to where I live, I go there as much as I can still. Sadly it is only open during the summer.

But anyway, let me tell you how the initial visit was. It was my first time like I said, as in first time when I’d see a lot of people naked and a lot of people would see me naked. I can’ lie, I was a bit nervous. The first thing I saw was the usual sign, that you’re entering a nudist area. Then I saw most of the camping and the beach, which was at a lake. Then I saw the people, not that many, but more than just a few, all naked. There were mostly older people, but a couple young couples, as well as a few families with kids. Some were sunbathing, others were swimming, and I even saw some who were eating & BBQing.

So I took my clothes off and put them in my bag. To describe what I felt in one word, well, it felt magical. The nerves chilled, the shyness went away rather quickly, and I just felt really great. Before I got there, I actually felt a bit nervous about what would happen if I got ”excited” sometime during my stay there, but luckily that didn’t happen. I even talked a bit with some people, about all kinds of things, and the ones I conversed with were kind and knowledgeable.

I truly enjoyed the visit very, very much. I ended up staying for about 5 hours, and I didn’t want to go home. It was definitely one of the best days I had in a while. That about sums it up.

Nudism & you

Now it is your turn, I wanna see many comments.

I was wondering about how you learned about nudism, how you got into it, why you got into it, how did it change your lives. You could tell me about your first time at a designated nudist place. Also, I would love seeing some fresh new ideas related to nudism, especially how to promote it better and how we can make this world more nudity friendly. Any thoughts are very welcome as well.

4 Replies to “3 things surrounding Nudism”

  1. Oh boy do we remember that nervous feeling the first time we went naked in front of others. The fact that there were plenty of other people, in their birthday suit, not caring about us at all, on one hand made us feel at ease but on the other hand made us feel like huge chickens. We felt something like “Look at those people, parading around the place in the nude and being proud of their bodies and we’re standing here in a corner, our back turned to everyone else while taking off our underwear.”
    But like you say, the nervosity only takes a couple of minutes and then you’re the one who’s parading like you have never before.

    We’re not here to advertise… but if you want to know more about our first time(s), you can read all about it on our blog 😉


  2. 3 Things Surrounding Nudism is a great post! And I too want to let everyone know about Naked Wanderings. I was one of the subjects of a recent The Naturist Talks on that site, and the whole experience, of providing my input and seeing it online, was first-rate.

    I am an adult male, lifelong nudist and naturist, and I first began to prefer to live life without clothes as a teenager, when home alone, initially indoors, then (when neighbors weren’t around) in the big backyard behind my home. Once in college, I had a girlfriend who lived in a dorm with a wing where all of the students (female and male) lived nude — and at my school, there was a hillside, not too far away, where (spring summer and fall) interested college kids could catch the sun’s rays, and socialize, nude.

    By the time my college days were over, and I moved “to the big city,” I had little interest in wearing clothes, except when I had to. I stopped wearing clothes to bed (when either awake or to sleep) in college, and never returned to that my entire adult life, though marriage, raising children, etc. For years, I have had an office in my home, and one “downtown” — and since I prefer working at home, that allows me to be nude virtually 24/7, all day and all night. (In fact, most days, the only time I wear clothes is when I am on the gym floor for my daily workouts — if only there were clothing-optional health clubs where I live.)

    I strongly believe that my life has been a happier one living as a nudist and naturist. In clothes, I feel uncomfortable and constricted. When I am nude, I feel free, extremely comfortable, at ease, eager to interact with others. I am in a better and happier mental state. I have been comfortable being nude alone and with others since I was young, and have become even more comfortable nude as I have matured. I sleep so much better nude than I ever could wearing clothes to bed (the concept of dressing for bed seems so odd to me). I enjoy going to the beach nude, and I am uncomfortable wearing even a swimsuit at the beach. The idea is to enjoy the sun and the sand on our body, not to keep our body covered up!

    I have been to designated naturist locations a few times, but I have always preferred less formal places where nudists and naturists gather. (The naturist club I belong to in my home town, nationally-affiliated, hosts yoga and workout gatherings at a local health club every few weeks, and club members alternate hosting gatherings at their homes.) I did visit a truly first-rate naturist resort in southern California several years ago, and it stands out because it was one of the few such places where I had a really good time. I was a visitor to California, and the place, up in Topanga Canyon near Los Angeles, had been recommended to me. All guests, as I was, a non-member and non-Californian, were asked to take off their clothes, which took us a couple of minutes at most, and we were given a tour of the place by an enthusiastic, nude, tour guide. When that was over, all of the visitors were given free reign over the place. I got to meet many happy, welcoming people, young and older, men, women, children, all nude and all seemingly very happy. It was a great, enjoyable, sunny, clothes-free day.

    I wish that in the US, it were easier for nudists and naturists to be more open. Living nude is too wonderful for us to have to be secretive when it comes to letting fellow nudists know about places to be nude, and about social gatherings where nudity is welcomed. Maybe American laws have to be changed, maybe people’s minds have to be changed, maybe both. Likely, more Americans just have to explore nudity themselves. This site and others like it are good places to start.


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